Blogging Tools For Electricians: Rev and Hemingway App

I want to take a quick minute and show you some of my favorite blog writing tools. As we all know Blogging is a critical part of SEO for Electricians. I know it’s an oxymoron because blog writing isn’t the most fun thing to do for most people. I have these great tools that can make it a little bit quicker, a little bit easier, it can simplify the whole process. Let’s take a quick look.

Rev App (First 10 Minutes Free, Then $1/Minute)

The first blogging tool I want to talk about is Rev, and that’s at Rev is a transcription service and one of the best ones I’ve seen. It’s got flat rate pricing. It’s straight up a dollar a minute. When you use the Rev app, they have it on Android or iPhone, you get a $10 credit to go ahead and get started. It costs you nothing to try this out. What you can do with Rev is record yourself on your computer or phone. You can create an audio file. This allows you to speak your blog post, to go ahead and say it, to speak it, put it in your natural phrasing. Once you get the audio you can submit it to Rev. Within 12 hours they will give you back a written transcription. They do an amazing job and they actually break it down by the minute. It gives you a great, clean, and very accurate interpretation of what you said.
A lot of times, when you’re writing a blog post, you end up staring at that blinking cursor. When creating a feature post about a particular electrical project, record the post as you’re driving home from the job. You could also gather the project team members and record them explaining the project. Turn on your Rev app. Then start talking about: what happened on the project, everything that led up to it, everything that happened, or some idiosyncrasies of some of the issues overcame during the project. With a small, one-day project, you can recap the electrical project and the whole process. You could do it while performing the work and record little snippets throughout the day.
To save money, you can transcribe it yourself. For the time savings, I think that investing a dollar a minute is a great investment. I usually do about five or six minutes and can usually get about 500-600 words of usable content. When we’re only shooting for 250, 300, 500 words it’s definitely worth the 5 bucks to have it transcribed. Try the app and use the $10 free and see if it works out for you.

Hemingway App (Free)

The second blogging tool is used in conjunction with Rev to allow you to edit your transcription. Let’s face it; we don’t always speak in perfect grammatically correct sentences. The Hemingway app ( allows us to copy and paste the Rev transcription and edit. It allows us to edit it so that we can make it grammatically correct. Google pays attention to grammar, sentence structure, and user experience. Paying attention to these aspects will make a big difference in ranking. It will also enhance the user experience people have when going through your website. What this tool allows you to do is to copy and paste or even to write text. The app will highlight all the areas that there are problems.
Rev allows us to be able to put your thoughts into text right after the session. The Hemingway app then allows us to identify the sections that need correcting. You can skip over the sentences that are already good. There are the two blogging tools that I use to be able to get some blogging done super fast. I know I’m super confident when it’s done, that it’s done right, and that it has some great language. Hope you enjoy it.