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Benjamin Turner an SEO Consultant & Educator based out of Santa Rosa Beach, FL. He has been involved in the electrical industry since 1997 where he entered the US Air Force as an electrician apprentice. He graduated with a Bachelor of Occupational Education from Wayland Baptist University and an MBA from The University of Phoenix, where he later became a professor of web design and SEO. He has worked in an agency setting as a Director of SEO responsible for generating over $20m in revenue for well-known international brands. He has taken his scholastic and practical knowledge of SEO to create premium SEO information and services for electricians and electrical contractors around the world.

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114 Best Keywords for Electricians

114 Best Keywords for Electricians

Keyword research can be very time-consuming and tedious task. For electricians, this type of work tends to get procrastinated, avoided, or simply not done. Keyword research helps electricians understand the types of searches that they are potential clients are...

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