Here are 6 things to avoid when doing SEO. These things are important for electricians to understand so that they are not causing any issues with their site and preventing Google from ranking them where they need to rank.

Google has published an article in their search console help, at It’s talking about SEO. One of the things that, it says is ‘things to avoid.’ I want to go through these and explain what they mean and how you as an electrician can avoid these.

1. Don’t Keyword Stuff

The first one is don’t fill your page with a list of keywords. And that is kind of obvious, but we just don’t want to say electricians in Mississippi (or whatever), a bunch of times. It’s not going to help.

2. Avoid Cloaking Pages

Do not attempt to cloak pages. This means that the page looks like it’s something else that would, might be relevant, but when they get.

Page it’s something different. It changes, or it becomes a big sales page. They can’t click out of

3. Don’t Publish “Crawler Only” Pages

or put crawler-only pages. That means pages that are designed to be found by the crawler and get people to click and rank, but they don’t actually provide any value.

If your site contains pages links or. You don’t intend visitors to see. So, Google considers these links to pages to be deceptive and may ignore your site. So if it is, again, this BS content, that’s just rambling on about some sort of neighborhood in your town, because you think it’ll help you rank for that neighborhood.

4. Avoid Being Pressured to Hire an SEO

Don’t feel obligated to purchase search engine optimization (SEO) services. That’s us, right. We, we provide those things, but definitely, there’s enough tools and information for you to do it yourself. There are also enough tools and information for people to go and rewire their whole house, but they’re not going to, some companies claim to guarantee high rankings for your site and search results.

While legitimate consulting firms can improve. Flow and content others employed, deceptive tactics, and an attempt to fool search engines. Be careful if your domain is affiliated with only to set services, it could be banned from our index. So you’ve got to watch out who you hire, and there’s a whole link here that goes into how to find the right SEO to hire.

And, you know, we definitely pay attention to that because we want to be in compliance with what Google recommends, for running an agency and, helping with, search engine optimization services.

5. Don’t Improperly Use Images

Do not use images to display important names, contents, or links, right. They can’t really read an image. It needs to be a there are different ways to do it or call it. Doesn’t recognize texts, contents, and graphics. They’re actually getting better at this, but, you know, we got to make sure that we’re doing. He was alt attributes.

If the main content and keywords on your page, can’t be formatted in regular HTML, all tags are used as a Google says they use those as anchor text for images if they are clickable. So it does help. And that’s how Google understands what the image is. But you definitely want to communicate whatever you are intending to communicate with that image.

In techs around the image, don’t create multiple copies of the page under different URLs. Trying to rank twice or trying to use the information and duplicate it. And trying to dominate the search results for, random keywords is not what, they’re recommending. This can actually hurt your site.

Many sites offer texts only, or printer-friendly versions of a page that contains the same content as a corresponding graphic-rich page. So basically you create this really beautiful, flash site, and there wasn’t any SEO there. They couldn’t read the page or understand what it is. And then, you don’t want to create a corresponding page.

6. Avoid Duplicate Content

It just has the text on it. If your site has clinical content that can be researched, reached via a different URL. There are several ways of indicating, the canonical or preferred version of a page. And of course, they have the canonical information right here. So those are the key things that Google is recommending you avoid when trying to do SEO on your site.

And these things can definitely hurt you from ranking. They’re talking about removing people from the index, and things like that. And they definitely do that. If you have any questions about any of these things, let us know, reach out and check us out over at

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